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Why your marketing strategy needs the right logo and what makes it right?


Is there any business in the world which do not require marketing? Well, marketing is very essential for any kind of business because a business without marketing is like Human being without a brain. From Facebook to Google, Samsung to Nike, no matter how much goodwill of their product they’ve been established in the market, the fact of the matter is they still require marketing to make the most out of their products. But marketing does not consist of a single word, it usually falls into several subcategories, some makes it through advertisements, promotions or others etc. Yet there is another thing which is supposed to be the backbone of any business or marketing strategy and we can’t take it for granted. And that’s your right business logo.
Your logo is arguably the most important tool in all your advertising toolbox. Because it reflects your brand’s goodwill and gives your company an identity that represents your mission and your policy like what certain thing you want to achieve through it or want to happen? If it’s well executed, then it will get you to accomplish your goals. But on the contrary side, your poor logo design can and will repel customer and fail to convey your brand message to your potential customers. Let’s suppose, consider the logo of Coca-Cola (largest soft-drink manufacturer) and try to replace it with a single letter “C”, would it be more effective? Would it be able to convey the message? The answer is a big No because it fails to tell the customer at the first sight that what they’re offering. So let it be remembered, it’s not some random mark.
Before we proceed further, let’s clarify: your logo isn’t your brand, in fact, it represents your brand much like your clothes represents your personality. And definitely, no sane person can choose fair dress up and stretched clothes for themselves. But your clothing definitely instantiates upon the requirement, you choose to put formal clothing to represent who you are. Obviously, they aren’t you, but they give others idea that you’re going participate in some corporate meeting or any other event etc. likewise, the same implies for your logo. Through font, color and mark design, it conveys your company’s personality.
Developing your logo, should take some time and thought, after all, you just need the right logo as it is the strategic endeavor that will be the anchor to all of your future advertising. Here the question arises what makes our logo right? To make your logo right, you should keep a good eye on these following rules.

Right fit

Remember your logo is the most overlook part of your brand and something which describes your brand at first glance. So your logo must differentiate a brand within a category in that each tends to have its unique design, distinctive color, and type of treatment. So if you have a business, you have competitors. And if you have competitors, you need one right logo whose fundamental task will be getting consumers to think of your company first.
Generally speaking, the logo isn’t a random mark but the most important, and such a vibrant part of any brand. So as smaller the business would be, harder and stronger will be your logo. Harder and stronger means choosing the right fonts and color combinations for your logo design. For example, if your brand targeting audience is senior persons, then you should use serif fonts because seniors might prefer a more traditional way of it. So as young people who, tend to get attracted towards modern sans serif fonts.
The same goes for the colors you choose for your design. From a marketing design perspective, blue color evokes trust. With too much yellow you might make people anxious. In fact, there’s a whole science behind the emotions of color, and you can use this information to design a logo that makes the consumer feel really good about your product or company ever before they’ve interacted with you.

Emotional Attachment

Your logo is one of the reasons behind the emotional attachment of your brand/product with your consumer. Considering the recent statistics from marketing and entrepreneurship: 93 % of purchasing judgments are made on visual perceptions, whereas, 7 % of consumer say color is the reason they buy a product. These facts are comprising of an evidence why you need a logo that is professionally designed to elicit a favorable reaction from consumers. And if you get succeed to engage your consumer through your logo, then they will be more likely to remember your business. And if they remember your business, then there are high chances they will buy from you. The fact of the matter is, your logo is your first impression – so makes it right in the first chance because you don’t get a chance to make another one.