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Future of outbound marketing in 2018


Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing and considered as one of the oldest ways to market your product. In case if you don’t know what does outbound marketing stands for? Then for your concern, the word outbound marketing stands for the way of marketing that perform externally or outbound. Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing that conveys its message out to an audience. Outbound marketing consists of more traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as TV commercials, radio ads, print media ads, tradeshows, and bill boards etc. however it is yet the less profitable way of marketing as compared to inbound marketing and ironically organizations spend as much 90% of their marketing budgets on outbound marketing.

As we are living in the year 2018, it is a fact that for the past years, the inbound marketing has dominated in the market a lot. The organizations have shown a keen interest in investing in their marking budget through inbound marketing. A huge rise has witnessed in the recent years for search engine marketing that considered as inbound marketing. It goes without saying that outbound marketing has been on a downfall, however it is not all finished yet. Still, companies are hugely investing in print, sign boards, and TV commercials, and how much this is effective in terms of improving their sales is a different debate. But looking at the current downfall of outbound marketing, one can easily put a question mark on its future. Does outbound marketing exist in future? Will it remain the source of sending the marketing message to the audience or improving the sales of an organization? These are the questions that can be raised in anyone’s mind looking to market its products.

The current big thing in the tech industry is Artificial Intelligence, the one whole industry is talking about and about which the tech giants are taking step towards it. The Artificial Intelligence is bound to shake things up in the online marketing sphere as well. As I mentioned before, in the past decade the outbound marketing lagged behind as back then, there are now slim chances that outbound marketing will bounce back in 2018 or later in a big quantity. With artificial intelligence, businesses can have a more powerful outbound campaign than ever before. Here’s how:

Accurate Data Prediction

The worst thing about outbound marketing efforts was that it was based entirely on assumptions so that no data and figures can be calculated to evaluate the results. So due to artificial intelligence, we can predict more accurately as when a certain person has a higher chance of becoming an audience and then converting than otherwise. Moreover, it can tell us multiple things that we didn’t know previously, like a person’s level where he or she could be in a better position to buy a certain package for its organization.

The Data importance

Outbound marketing succeeds when it reaches the appropriate audience and targets the right customer, and that starts with great data, whom you are trying to convince, what message do you want to send, and when you are saying it. With high-quality lead data, one can easily predict that in future, the companies will benefit from the outbound quality even more through the better quality of data.

A better knowledge of business

Big data analysis makes you understand your target market better as compared to the previous manner in which we imagined possible outcomes, which can definitely lead us towards making outbound marketing a more effective strategy than inbound efforts.


As we entered in the year 2018, we look forward to outbound marketing getting better day by day and becoming an even more powerful tool for sales and marketing teams to acquire new customers, upholding the new technologies to make it possible. Therefore, it is safe to say that outbound marketing is going anywhere at least as its looking, so our marketing strategies will definitely be relying on it. So, outbound market is definitely the thing which we will look forward in the future.