How Small Businesses can benefit from Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Every business starts with smaller capacity at the start, it is the people and the perfect policies which make the business grow and help spread at huge scale. There is no doubt that we’re currently living in the modern era of technology, where with the change of technology on daily basis and innovations, it is no difficulty for anyone promote their activity in the global market or to engage with the mass audience. All you need is to remain up to date with the market/audience requirement and plan your strategy in a manner that will get a maximum response with minimum time and cost.

With the change in business methods and techniques and with the rise of e-commerce as well as digital business, one can easily set-up its own small business from their room and expand it through the means of digital marketing. Digital marketing campaigns benefit businesses of all sizes by giving growth and access to the mass market. And as far as small businesses are concerned, it is a better approach than T.V or print advertising as it interacts with truly personalized marketing and that too with an affordable price.
The main advantage of the digital media campaign is that you can easily promote your product by targeting the specific audience that can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. For example, if your product is specifically designed for adults or kids, you can easily restrict your marketing to adult or kids only using through the digital media campaign. As of today, all the companies regardless of its growth, and size are in the race of digital marketing campaigns. It can be estimated by that even the marketing of the world largest soft drink selling company Coca-Cola is incomplete without digital media campaign. So here’s how digital marketing can help you grow your business.

Promote through social media

No one can deny the fact that social media has a huge part in our lives, either for communication or interacting with social circle. So with the huge rise in social media users, there is be no better place than social media to market your products, because one of the main goals of your marketing is to target maximum audience and for that, you need huge numbers of people which can be easily available on social media.

Moreover, sponsoring your post through major social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will also be trustworthy. You can schedule your brand promotion to any specific country, any age group or any region of the world and the social sites will let your post-show to the audience. There are many companies who are running their marketing campaign on support from the sponsored content.
As there are several ways to promote your content through social media, one of the best way among it is to hire a content creator to sponsor your business campaign or giveaway any social media celebrity to monetize it. For an instance, if any content creator gets more than 10 million views in a week on his/her content, then he or she must be suitable for your campaign because this will let your business interacts directly with the audience in the form of personalized marketing.

Online Advertisement

Small businesses have very little resources and capitalization. Gone are the days when the online advertisement was only affordable to mega business and companies or an International Organizations. The digital marketing revolution levels the online playing field by providing small businesses the chance to compete against big boys to attract their share of the targeted audience.
With digital marketing campaigns, small businesses now have the opportunity and a platform to perform sales and marketing products that were previously available only to large organizations. Now without a call center, and an office space you can interact effectively with multiple customers, even customers from out of your town or any other part of the world.

Hire a social media consultant

You can’t become an engineer without enrolling in the high school or university. The same implies for your business, you must need a social media specialist which will consult you about your marketing strategies. After hiring a qualified consultant to be able to assist you in growth of your business and engaging audience through digital media campaign, you should then focus on measuring the milestones regularly which definitely indicates that you need to have goals before you start implementing the digital marketing techniques.

Fact about Digital Marketing Campaign:

You can’t become an engineer without enrolling in the high school or university. The same implies for your business, you must need a social media specialist which will consult you about your marketing strategies. After hiring a qualified consultant to be able to assist you in the growth of your business and engaging audience through the digital media campaign, you should then focus on measuring the milestones regularly which definitely indicates that you need to have goals before you start implementing the digital marketing techniques.

Why your marketing strategy needs the right logo and what makes it right?

Is there any business in the world which do not require marketing? Well, marketing is very essential for any kind of business because a business without marketing is like Human being without a brain. From Facebook to Google, Samsung to Nike, no matter how much goodwill of their product they’ve been established in the market, the fact of the matter is they still require marketing to make the most out of their products. But marketing does not consist of a single word, it usually falls into several subcategories, some makes it through advertisements, promotions or others etc. Yet there is another thing which is supposed to be the backbone of any business or marketing strategy and we can’t take it for granted. And that’s your right business logo.
Your logo is arguably the most important tool in all your advertising toolbox. Because it reflects your brand’s goodwill and gives your company an identity that represents your mission and your policy like what certain thing you want to achieve through it or want to happen? If it’s well executed, then it will get you to accomplish your goals. But on the contrary side, your poor logo design can and will repel customer and fail to convey your brand message to your potential customers. Let’s suppose, consider the logo of Coca-Cola (largest soft-drink manufacturer) and try to replace it with a single letter “C”, would it be more effective? Would it be able to convey the message? The answer is a big No because it fails to tell the customer at the first sight that what they’re offering. So let it be remembered, it’s not some random mark.
Before we proceed further, let’s clarify: your logo isn’t your brand, in fact, it represents your brand much like your clothes represents your personality. And definitely, no sane person can choose fair dress up and stretched clothes for themselves. But your clothing definitely instantiates upon the requirement, you choose to put formal clothing to represent who you are. Obviously, they aren’t you, but they give others idea that you’re going participate in some corporate meeting or any other event etc. likewise, the same implies for your logo. Through font, color and mark design, it conveys your company’s personality.
Developing your logo, should take some time and thought, after all, you just need the right logo as it is the strategic endeavor that will be the anchor to all of your future advertising. Here the question arises what makes our logo right? To make your logo right, you should keep a good eye on these following rules.

Right fit

Remember your logo is the most overlook part of your brand and something which describes your brand at first glance. So your logo must differentiate a brand within a category in that each tends to have its unique design, distinctive color, and type of treatment. So if you have a business, you have competitors. And if you have competitors, you need one right logo whose fundamental task will be getting consumers to think of your company first.
Generally speaking, the logo isn’t a random mark but the most important, and such a vibrant part of any brand. So as smaller the business would be, harder and stronger will be your logo. Harder and stronger means choosing the right fonts and color combinations for your logo design. For example, if your brand targeting audience is senior persons, then you should use serif fonts because seniors might prefer a more traditional way of it. So as young people who, tend to get attracted towards modern sans serif fonts.
The same goes for the colors you choose for your design. From a marketing design perspective, blue color evokes trust. With too much yellow you might make people anxious. In fact, there’s a whole science behind the emotions of color, and you can use this information to design a logo that makes the consumer feel really good about your product or company ever before they’ve interacted with you.

Emotional Attachment

Your logo is one of the reasons behind the emotional attachment of your brand/product with your consumer. Considering the recent statistics from marketing and entrepreneurship: 93 % of purchasing judgments are made on visual perceptions, whereas, 7 % of consumer say color is the reason they buy a product. These facts are comprising of an evidence why you need a logo that is professionally designed to elicit a favorable reaction from consumers. And if you get succeed to engage your consumer through your logo, then they will be more likely to remember your business. And if they remember your business, then there are high chances they will buy from you. The fact of the matter is, your logo is your first impression – so makes it right in the first chance because you don’t get a chance to make another one.

Future of outbound marketing in 2018

Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing and considered as one of the oldest ways to market your product. In case if you don’t know what does outbound marketing stands for? Then for your concern, the word outbound marketing stands for the way of marketing that perform externally or outbound. Outbound marketing refers to any kind of marketing that conveys its message out to an audience. Outbound marketing consists of more traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as TV commercials, radio ads, print media ads, tradeshows, and bill boards etc. however it is yet the less profitable way of marketing as compared to inbound marketing and ironically organizations spend as much 90% of their marketing budgets on outbound marketing.

As we are living in the year 2018, it is a fact that for the past years, the inbound marketing has dominated in the market a lot. The organizations have shown a keen interest in investing in their marking budget through inbound marketing. A huge rise has witnessed in the recent years for search engine marketing that considered as inbound marketing. It goes without saying that outbound marketing has been on a downfall, however it is not all finished yet. Still, companies are hugely investing in print, sign boards, and TV commercials, and how much this is effective in terms of improving their sales is a different debate. But looking at the current downfall of outbound marketing, one can easily put a question mark on its future. Does outbound marketing exist in future? Will it remain the source of sending the marketing message to the audience or improving the sales of an organization? These are the questions that can be raised in anyone’s mind looking to market its products.

The current big thing in the tech industry is Artificial Intelligence, the one whole industry is talking about and about which the tech giants are taking step towards it. The Artificial Intelligence is bound to shake things up in the online marketing sphere as well. As I mentioned before, in the past decade the outbound marketing lagged behind as back then, there are now slim chances that outbound marketing will bounce back in 2018 or later in a big quantity. With artificial intelligence, businesses can have a more powerful outbound campaign than ever before. Here’s how:

Accurate Data Prediction

The worst thing about outbound marketing efforts was that it was based entirely on assumptions so that no data and figures can be calculated to evaluate the results. So due to artificial intelligence, we can predict more accurately as when a certain person has a higher chance of becoming an audience and then converting than otherwise. Moreover, it can tell us multiple things that we didn’t know previously, like a person’s level where he or she could be in a better position to buy a certain package for its organization.

The Data importance

Outbound marketing succeeds when it reaches the appropriate audience and targets the right customer, and that starts with great data, whom you are trying to convince, what message do you want to send, and when you are saying it. With high-quality lead data, one can easily predict that in future, the companies will benefit from the outbound quality even more through the better quality of data.

A better knowledge of business

Big data analysis makes you understand your target market better as compared to the previous manner in which we imagined possible outcomes, which can definitely lead us towards making outbound marketing a more effective strategy than inbound efforts.


As we entered in the year 2018, we look forward to outbound marketing getting better day by day and becoming an even more powerful tool for sales and marketing teams to acquire new customers, upholding the new technologies to make it possible. Therefore, it is safe to say that outbound marketing is going anywhere at least as its looking, so our marketing strategies will definitely be relying on it. So, outbound market is definitely the thing which we will look forward in the future.

10 Mistakes Not To Make A Second Time – Re Branding Design

Are you considering brand revitalization or re-branding your product, service or business? Is your brand under-performing? Or is your brand just not hitting your target audience appropriately anymore? If you feel the need to revitalize your brand, it should not be overlooked and serious steps should be taken to re-launch your business, in this digital era. Having said that though, all brands need to adopt a new skin and synchronize their vision and mission with the changing marketing trends.
“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Will Rogers

What is Re-Branding?

Re-branding is the process of giving a whole new feel to your established product or business. It is a strategy to retain your core competencies and differentiating yourself from your competitors. Your ‘brand identity’ is the rich and dynamic combination of visual, verbal and sentimental attributes that speak for who you are and what you do and precisely what activities you are engaged in. The way your branding influences your target audience and the way an individual feels and reacts towards a brand establishes a strong ‘brand perception’.
Starting from the basic asset like letter head to the way your product is packaged and marketed, websites, print material (brochures, fliers), business cards and social media presence all of it come together to build up your branding strategy and giving a holistic view to the consumer.

What is the need for re-branding?

Re-branding concepts should revolve around and do justice to your marketing goals and should be a surefire way to carve out a viable way for higher audience engagement.
• A company’s website and brand identity should connect with the customers on an emotional level and help improve brand recall. You know you need to re-brand your product or service when your consumers cannot connect your product with the firm.

• To recover from vanishing prominence, reduced ROI and deteriorating sales, it’s high time you re-visit your branding strategies and fix the loopholes. Rebranding ideas that rejuvenate your online presence gets the user entranced.

• Inconsistent patterns in the way different clients perceive your company calls for a new revamped identity that clarifies perceptions and portrays a unified message about the company’s vision and mission. If your brand message does not articulate your offer clearly enough you probably need to revitalize your branding.

• With rebranding, when developed and positioned strategically offers a way of making progress which is sustained, giving the company the upper hand to charge a premium of your choice.
• Competitor attacks also fail to cause you any harm when your brand positioning and branding is on spot.

Brand evolution is a smart marketing tool that helps your branding stay relevant with your product or service. While some pull it off quite effortlessly, others have to face criticism and re-visit their branding strategies. To make sure your next rebrand meets success; avoid these common pitfalls and notorious re-branding errors that can cost you a great deal of effort and money in the long run.
1. Re-branding without the research element

When considering re-launching your brand you need to assess why the rebrand is needed? What does your brand portray about your company? Your brand image should be in close harmony with your company motto and for that you need to carry out a thorough and comprehensive market research.
An apt example of a re-branding failure from which we can learn a lesson is one of GAP. When GAP tried to re-design its logo, it turned out to be a huge disappointment for the target market as the company image was greatly compromised by the drastic change in the logo design. Trying to stay abreast with current times is always desirable but one definite lesson to learn from the unfortunate GAP incident is thatre-branding is a serious game and there are definitely no shortcuts to it. The company’s essence should undergo a revolution rather than just the company image itself.

Customers are constantly on the driving seat and both current and potential customers should be the inspiration when formulating solutions. Their needs, wants, preferences and consumer behavior should be the basis of your branding strategy. Your customer can make or break your brand.

2. Brutally ignoring existing brand equity and goodwill

Re-branding certainly does not mean that your existing brand equity is of no importance or is useless. You need to precisely gauge whether you need a total revamp or just a slight tweaking in your branding campaign. Not taking into consideration the existing brand equity can be quite damaging to the way a brand is viewed and perceived. You do not need to go overboard and just follow the herd when a small change will do the needful. Before you undertake the highly important task of revitalizing your brand image it is important that you carry out the necessary investigation and background checks to assess the needs of the target market.

Your pre-existing customers are a combination of loyal and disloyal customers. If you do not retain the core attractiveness of the brand you might end up losing your valuable market share to your competitors.

3. The brand is a lot more than just a mere piece of logo or color combination

The logo is representative of your company image and processes. However, very often a brand is confused with its physical symbols: the logo, company name, the physical presence of a website introducing the company to the customers or the company culture for that matter. Re-doing the company symbol is not the ideal solution to alleviate your problems-it could possibly aggravate them as well.
Brands are an amalgamation of both the material and immaterial elements. Target audience, customer preference and perception, their experience to the corporeal nature of the website, the visual effect and feel to the customer service provided, retailing services and web environments and the way the company motto is communicated to the customer.

Before rebranding your company, for example changing the brand name from ‘Ciplex’ to ‘Coplex’ was a logical decision for the respective company. A lot of brainstorming went in to decide what the brand name would actually stand out and add meaning to the business. The prefix ‘co’ was purposefully added to highlight the co-creating with their clients and foster teamwork and partnership.

4. The re-brand tells a story in itself

Re-branding is not a random process but lays its foundation on a well-knit logical story that penetrates both the internal and external environment. The rebrand’s story must be practical and sketch a scenario that does justice to the prevailing situation and established brand experience and customer perception.
The biggest achievement lies in the fact that it is deeply engraved in the minds of the internal employees. When they will embrace the brand identity, they will automatically perpetuate it ahead and walk and talk brand everyday which will pass on to the target audience. The more credible the story the more effortlessly it will trickle down the hierarchy and consolidate the brand image both in the eyes of the customer and the employee. The promise that you make to the customers should be deliverable from the HR to finance department.

5. In-house branding V/s Hiring a branding consultant

Some company’s or creative agencies prefer that their in-house creative teams set to work on re-creating and developing a logo and brand name that will do justice to their company vision and mission. This makes the process fast and cost-effective. However, come to think of it developing a brand internally will be a reflection of internal plans and perceptions rather than how the target audience views your brand.
Hiring external brand consultants helps your company to add an external element into their branding. It will give you valuable insight into how your company is viewed by a third party and what your potential clients think. Hence, you should always think of outsourcing rather than making the process personal and centralized.

6. Being limited to your own industry

Yes! You need to give tough competition to your competitor operating in the same niche, but you can always drive inspiration from various markets, that have even a tad bit of similarity. Marketing techniques is all about creativity and that can be learnt from any good marketer, irrespective of the field they are operating in.
Religiously following just your industry trends may limit your vision and hinder your growth not allowing you to explore new avenues. When rebranding, it is highly recommended that you mingle with other market leaders and gain feedback on what other industries are implementing regarding customer experience and care. Innovation and creativity from diverse areas can do wonders to your branding strategy.

7. The misconception that you are too small to re-brand

You’re never too small to re-brand. You might be e a start-up firm or an entrepreneur but that certainly does not deem you unqualified for the need to redesign your branding strategy. As markets evolve and shifts in consumer preferences take place, brands need to stay abreast of the competition and maintain the appeal and customer interest and engagement. For this very purpose, they have to plan their brand positioning so that their efforts are directed in the right direction. A firm no matter how small eventually grows into something substantial. Taking your brand to a whole new level and redefining your existence is what will differentiate you from the rest.

8. Mismanagement and culpable negligence

By-passing the basics of branding can be a major blunder as the way you add the finishing touches to your website, marketing tools and the physical environment in which you operate is of utmost importance. Brand experience is bound to reach a low ebb if all customer touch points are not kept in mind while designing your re-branding strategy.
You team should be responsible and well versed with market knowledge and project management skills. The person responsible for effectively pulling of the branding strategy should have the necessary skillset and intellect to make the project reach its destination.

Follow up is of utmost importance after implementation, as customer service increase customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

9. A good idea does not necessarily come with a multi-million dollar project

Obviously an initial investment is required to accomplish any challenging task but it certainly does not mean that it cannot be accomplished economically. There’s always a less expensive alternative for every strategy which is a product of small but highly talented branding agencies, professionals and extremely talented in-house people. Sometimes highly motivated university students or basic start-ups can yield worthwhile results.

10. Inauthenticity is the largest branding mistake

You need to place yourself in your customer’s shoes and make it a point to see your brand from their perspective. Simply put, authenticity is the act of being true to who you are. Your die-hard loyal customers might also switch to another brand if you fail to deliver your promise. Never over-exaggerate what you do and make practical promises that are easier to accomplish and have an element of humanity in it. Trust me you will see how your customers place unwavering trust in your brand and will enable people to relate to your business. What’s better than being called a reliable, trustworthy company who might even deliver more than expected? Turning audiences into advocates by this strategy wouldn’t be a surprise.

Social Media Marketing Impact in 2018

Did you know that approximately 70% of the human beings residing in the United States use social media on a ordinary foundation? And if this became no longer enough, some research showed that around ¾ of the Millennial buy a product on line when they see some product on any online social media. Now, that is very important in today’s day and time, because in case you are not able to reach these clients online, then you truly are lacking out a big lot of human beings.


A nicely-deliberate and a nicely-built social media marketing approach can show your logo or business new heights. From client insights to logo reputation, social media is, and will combine into each business method. We can’t argue whilst we are saying that social media advertising and marketing plays an vital function in nowadays time. Some of the blessings of social media marketing are mentioned underneath;


  1. It Improves the Brand Recognition

logo recognition is crucial no matter the form of enterprise you are engaged in. try to make an internet presence at the leading social media websites, and you are likely to growth your logo recognition. I’ve a query to invite you, ‘what accurate is your enterprise when round 70% of the people don’t understand it exists?’


  1. Improves Your Brand Loyalty

How are you going to attain this? All you need to do is employ the gear presented by using these websites. For instance; try to introduce a helpline for the customers as a way to have interaction together with your brand. If this campaign turns into successful, it’ll truly inspire the clients to become dependable supporters in your cause.


  1. Reduced Costs for Marketing

Each enterprise calls for advertising and marketing; whether or not conventional or on-line. In case you pass for the conventional advertising, be prepared to pay massive chunks of cash. That is why social media advertising comes on your rescue; they’re dependable and cheap. Presently, the advertising on the social media sites is especially reasonably-priced, thanks to the unfastened following this is offered by way of a massive range of people the usage of the social media. Having said that, how are we able to overlook the quantity of hard paintings required to set up a conventional marketing campaign. However, with online advertising on those sites, you need to spare only a few hours, and you are excellent to go.


  1. It Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

That is what all of us are preventing for, proper? A higher rating at the search engine per result. However, the query this is raised here is, ‘how a good deal attempt does it require from your quit to channel into the search engine rating via social media?’ if you were to invite me, my answer might be a lot. How? serps aren’t blind. They recognize your social media presence. So, what can you do here? Make your blog seo pleasant.


  1. It has Access on a Wider Level

Now, this is essential. While the traditional advertising techniques will simplest reach nationally, the social media advertising and marketing will reach the target market on a wider stage, across the world. It is a great way to look for a brand new audience at the opposite corner of the world even as staying connected with your present target audience on the same time. We can’t deny the importance of social media advertising is large.



In case you are making plans to installation a brand new business, or just want to make bigger your commercial enterprise, then reflect on consideration on how you could improve your social media presence. The primary factor to do is, unfold the phrase about your logo, and inform the human beings that it exists. Recollect, social media is right here to live; today, the next day, and probable, for quite plenty of time. Although, we will’s are expecting the precise time it is here to stay, if we need to awareness on our present, then this is the solution to your advertising strategy. People in recent times are continually on the cross, and they want the smooth manner out. No person has the time, and power to have a look at traditional marketing bulletins. So why now not attempt something humans are interested in? You can attain a wide range of audience thru these social media websites. Regardless of whether or not you’re just a amateur inside the international of business, it’s far critical to attain out to people, and you can do this, thru social media advertising and marketing.